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27 June 2012 @ 10:59 pm
Fic: It's gonna be alright... Someday (4/?)  

Fic: It's gonna be alright... Someday
Rating: T
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Rachel/Santana
Summary: Two words can change your entire life and you'll be forced to resort to back-up plans, give up dreams and actually see. See who actually cares and what really matters.
Fanfiction.net link: here
Author Notes: Multi-chaptered fic. The Storyline is completely planned and I have some dialog already written. Despite this, this is a work in progress fic.
Most of the medical stuff will be accurate, I had the bad luck of having cancer so I understand the treatments, I did not have the type of cancer described here (my father did, though).

Chapter 4: The mistake

“It’s 5.26” Santana says in a monotone tone. She looks at the client and realizes that it’s just a kid, probably seven years old and for the first time since her shift started, she smiled to a client, the girl smiled back. She looks at the time in her cash register … Fifteen minutes to go. It’s incredible how fast time goes by when people do stuff automatically, almost like a robot.

It’s a small store, only three cash registers and only one working at the moment. The pay is fair, and the recommendation letter will be nice too, a nice complement to her college applications. Mr. Vega is nice and a very understanding person, the kind of person that gives her flexible hours and makes sure she doesn’t have to work on Saturday mornings while she’s hangover, still he laughs at her when she arrives Saturday afternoons joking about the night that she probably had, sometimes she laughs. He makes her life sound way more interesting that it is, she doesn’t go to party or to get drunk every Friday night. He’d be surprised to know how many of those Friday nights she actually spends studying or watching DVDs of old bad movies that her mom insist to buy because they were on sale. Anyway, according to her he rocks. It’s cool that the feelings are mutual, because he has a great time listening to all the Sue Sylvester horror stories, Mr. Schuester great ideas, Glee club numbers and dramas, and all Brittany’s newest adventures.

She keeps working, helping a dude and she can see Mr. Vega in the background gesturing that he’s about to close. The dude leaves with a seductive smile, Santana huffs and rolls her eyes. She still has to wait a couple of minutes, because Mr. Vega lets her know that there’s one more client. So she just takes her phone and answers a text message from her mom letting her know that she and her dad would arrive late, because she went to pick him and he took her to Columbus to have dinner, she reminds her that there’s food in the oven and Santana smiles.

“Hi,” the voice astounds her and there, in front of her, is Rachel Berry with a small, tight smile taking different products from her cart and leaving them in front of the cash register.

“Hey,” Santana answers roughly. She is not ashamed to work, actually she likes to feel useful, do something besides splits and jump around cheering a mediocre football team. But she always dislikes when someone she knows comes to the store, it’s like somehow they have the upper hand, because after all she’s forced to help them. And it’s not even that she dislikes Berry, not anymore at least, but it always makes her incredibly uncomfortable, which is why Quinn insists on coming at least twice a week to bother her. She takes some artichokes and other vegetables and calculates the total. Rachel keeps staring intently at her, which makes her uneasy. “It’s 32.30” she says.

“Okay,” Rachel pays, but she doesn’t move. Santana gives her change, smirks and with an oddly and obviously fake sweet voice she says.

“Is there something else that I can do for you? Would you like me to take the bags, so the princess doesn’t have to make any effort?” Rachel looks at her somehow hurt, takes her bags and leaves without saying a word.

And it isn’t after she’s left the store that Santana realizes her mistake.