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27 June 2012 @ 02:05 pm
Fic 'masterlist'  

Hey there!

Since ff.net seems to be a bitch lately I’ve decided to start posting my fics here. So here it is.
All fics are in English! Fics in Spanish can still be found at my ff.net profile.


Considerando que ff.net se puso medio cabrón, decidí empezar a publicar mis fics acá.
¡Todos los fics están en inglés! Mis fics en español sólo están en mi perfil de ff.net

Fic Masterlist

Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada
Pairing: Miranda Priestly / Andrea Sachs (Mirandy).

  •         Merry Christmas, Darling (4/4). Rating: T. Summary: Six years after Paris Miranda avoids Andy like the plague. But with a little help of Nigel, Andy decides to catch her attention.,
  •         Lucky (1-3/?). Rating: T. Summary: After being blacklisted by Miranda, Andy has to go back home. Doug comes to her rescue and gives her an unforgettable vacation to Paris. A simple trip to the gas station becomes the biggest opportunity in Andy's life.
  •         I’m sorry (1/1). Rating: K . Summary: Little obsessions, Starbucks and a pen can change somebody's mind. Based on this postcard at postsecret. TresCharmant was kind enough to beta read this fic for me.
  •        Yours, Mine and Ours (1/1). Rating: M . Summary: After three days apart, longing and possessiveness may end up being the perfect combination. *** This fic belongs to the same universe as I'm sorry. Reading that fic is mandatory and if you don't... Nah, you can read this independently, although If you don't read it and send the link to 15 of your friends, none of your wishes will come true AND you'll never find your one true love. You are all warned.

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Rachel Berry / Santana López (Pezberry/Sanchel).

  •          It’s gonna be alright… Someday (1-3/?). Rating: T. Summary: Two words can change your entire life and you'll be forced to resort to back-up plans, give up dreams and actually see. See who actually cares and what really matters.
  •         Bend and Snap! (1/1).  Rating: T. Summary: "Do you know why cheerleaders always get whoever they want and keep whoever they want?" she asked seriously. "Because you jump around and show your panties?" was Rachel's sudden answer.
  •         Super (1/1). Rating: K . Summary: You never know what hides behind a pair of glasses. Superhero!Rachel
  •         A long time ago (1/1). Rating: K . Summary: A long time ago none of them would have imagined that that would be their last interaction before all would change.

Memories Made
(Series of one shots)

  •         #001 The girl of the red dress. Rating: K . Summary: Rachel might have forgotten a lot of things throughout the years, but she'll never forget the girl of the red dress.
  •         #002 So fucking unoriginal. Rating: K . Summary: She wouldn't give these assholes the satisfaction, and that made her like her even more.
  •         #004 Fucking priceless. Rating: K . Summary: He has been in love with her for a long time, but just when he comes back everything has changed. Another character's point of view.
  •         #005 Rain. Rating: K . Summary: How fucking romantic.


Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Rachel Berry / Finn Hudson (Finchel).

  • Reputation (1/1). Rating: K . Summary: After a rehearsal with new members, everything changes for Rachel and Finn... Fic originally published during the first hiatus back in 2009 after the first broadcasting of the pilot.

That's all, folks!